Sustainability in everyday hotel life

Green Pearls takes a look behind the scenes of a number of hotels

Climate positive, creative and innovative in Bavaria The Creativhotel Luise in the heart of Erlangen is one of the most environmentally friendly city hotels in Germany. The climate-positive hotel has been a pioneer in environmental awareness for over 25 years. Ben Förtsch, the third generation of the Förtsch family to manage the Creativhotel, is aware of his responsibility. Creatively and innovatively he sets new impulses: “We would like to pass on our enthusiasm for a sustainable lifestyle without raising an index finger.” Sustainability becomes visible in the Creativhotel, for example, with the “Renewable Hotel Room”: The room is made of 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable materials – without sacrificing comfort and modern design.”Real quality only exists if it does not harm anyone,” Ben Förtsch confirms.

These places need your attention . Enjoy

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