Sounds and smells of Palma

A cacophony of sounds greats you when you arrive in Palma de Mallorca. The hustling and bustling of the capital of the Balearic island Mallorca is one of my favourites. Getting into the Hotel Costa Azul – a short drive by taxi gets you there – the noise stays behind the electric doors and a friendly atmosphere greets you. Lucky to get rooms on the 8th floor with a side view to the marina the sound of steel masts swaying in the wind mixes with cars and buses, which never seem to take a break.

Speaking of the accommodation, its the variety of hotels that makes it difficult to choose. The Costa Azul has been completely renovated and its fresh blues and clean whites fit well into the setting. All rooms reflect this freshness, either using a neon green or darker green with dark wooden accents on walls and bedspread. The bathrooms are spacious and modern. The colouring of the entrance and hallways is repeated there as well. Each bedhead wall boasts a Spanish saying or poem, which unfortunately has no translation – or at least none which I could discover. A balcony with two chairs and a small tables rounds up the outside offer. I would not advise to get a room with a rear view, there are rather boring and without a balcony. Further comfort is giving by a small bar fridge, first water and juice are included. A safe inside the wardrobe keeps valuables safe.

The lift situation is a good way to get slowed down. Waiting for up to five minutes and than staying behind since it accommodates only four people gets you into the swing of the place. Breakfast and service are very enjoyable. The buffet has something for all tastes and a cook bakes pancakes, all sorts of eggs and bacon freshly every morning. No fresh oranges juices through.

On the third floor overlooking the marina is the pool area. Fully booked the chance to grab a sunbed is slim. The pool is quite small to and more suitable for a little cool off than a real swim. All in all a good place to stay and very central too. Palma is at it nicest before the summer season starts. Not too crowded and when the tree are in bloom, the sweet smell is incredible. City trip at its best…

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